How long does shipping take?
Orders are shipped 2-3 times a week. Currently I am just one person running this shop. My full-time job and other responsibilities make it difficult to guarantee that your order will defintely go out in 24-hours, but I try to make the effort. Standard shipping is free for most items ordered in the United States. 

Can I get expedited shipping?
Maybe. Use the contact form in the store and indicate what you would like to order and how fast you would like it. At this moment I haven't built out every possible shipping profile and cost, but will do so on request. When expedited shipping is selected, I will ship the same or next day.

Why do prints look like different colors in some pictures?
Due to the variance in light bulb temperatures, there's no way to show what a given piece will look like in your home. Often I take pictures with both warm and cool lights so you can get an idea what something might look like under your lights.

My print has a slight bend in the order or ink spot on the back. Is this normal?
Yes, it can be. I consider these hallmarks of a handmade print. The more colors a print has, the more times that print is handled by a pair of hands that may or may not have ink on them. I won't ever ship a print that doesn't meet certain standards. If there is a slight bend to the corner of a print, it should "frame out" (not be visible once framed).

What if my print arrives damaged?
I'll make every effort to rectify the situation either by issuing a refund or replacement. In some cases, it may be up to the buyer to document the damage and file a claim with the carrier.

Do you have gift cards available?
Not yet, but that's a good idea. Let me start looking into that.